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What is BOD interactive?
BeachBody On Demand Interactive is state-of-the-art streaming platform turns your living room into the world’s most exciting home gym, where you can tap into the energy and accountability of live and on-demand studio classes on your own schedule.

What is BODcast?
BODcast is a new and exciting feature that allows BODi members to not only join workouts in real time, but also share the big screen with our Beachbody Trainers. Members become a part of the live workout experience, get real time shout-outs, to stay engaged and motivated. 
Users can only be accessed through the BOD app on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and desktop or laptop with a built in camera or webcam.
- Users should have the ability to stream the video of a class as a BODcast member

- Beachbody as a business needs to support a live class streaming experience to drive an interactive engagement for BODcast members through creating the feeling of a community during an in-person class​​​​​​​
Users will have special BODcast features when attending a class. We are using a BODcast Members personal streaming tile to build engagement and community by including them in a dynamic video wall, spotlight featuring, trainer’s shout-outs and encouragements
Users feel engaged and excited to attend class
Members continue to register for classes
Increase in total participants for future classes
Competitive Landscape
We quickly realized live workout / self streaming is a fairly new experience on the market
Product Flow
Internal Research
BODcast visual identity is based on BODi branding, a new set of visual language separated from BeachBody branding.

Our goals is to follow new BODi branding which is dark/black looking and still keep the integrity and functions of BeachBody on Demand.

We incorporate elements from existing design system and create new ones on need-to-need basis for this product. This includes icons, modality, typography, colors, etc,...​​​​​​​
External (Competitive) Research
Looking at other video streaming and live streaming products on the market as well as live conference call platforms.

Our goal is to create a video player experience that is user friendly and familiar to users to shorten learning curve.

Research: Zoom, Disney+, Skype, Netflix, Youtube Live, Peloton, Nike Training Club, Hulu, etc,...
Final Screens
BODcast Prerequisites 
- Users are not close to device during workout

- Users need to be able to check their form and follow trainer

- Consistent feedback aspect ratio streaming back to studio for feature
- We determined that the app on mobile devices will be forced to landscape to ensure consistent aspect ratio of video feed to studio

- It is important to have the BODcast window to be 1/3 of the screen real estate to ensure users can check their form and follow instructions from the trainer.

- Options available for users to hide the BODcast window or turn off camera.

- Future states would include ability to resize BODcast window into preset sizes: size-by-size, small, big.
App Store / Google Play Store 
Preview Screens
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